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St. Joseph Cathedral Renovation-Update
September 29, 2011
The final "Global Fund " raising efforts resulted in raising as follows:
England/Australia          $9,524.00 (41 families)

Canada /Denmark        $24,200.00 (111  families)

USA/Australia                $17,898.00 (68 families)

Total                 $51,622.00 (*)

(*) Please note that the amount includes  $1,300.00 that was already been remitted to the Renovation Committee in Zanzibar.  Also, the funds collected are subject to exchange rate fluctuations.
We would like to thank everyone who contributed to the fund raising efforts. And this fund raising would not have been possible without the support of the three committee members(England/Canada / USA) and the Zando Committee(Canada). May God bless you all for your kindness and generosity.
These funds are maintained  in three different banks in England, Canada and the USA. Once we hear from the Restoration Committee in Zanzibar (RCZ), we will remit these funds to the Committee who is responsible for the restoration. We will continue to accept donations as long as we are holding the funds. Any future fund raising efforts will be left to the individual committees.
Phase I and II of the restoration are almost done and the RCZ  is planning to implement Phase III. Our funds that were raised will be used for the restoration of the inside of the Church (Phase III). Since the funds needed for Phase III are in the range of $100,000 to $200,000, the committee is seeking the services of Joseph Noronha  (ex-SJCS architect) to help them decide how to implement the work needed.
The list of donors are on  the blog shown below. If you have any questions or concerns, feel  free to contact the members of the committee in England, Canada and USA.

Anthony Antao

= = = = = = = = = = =
St. Joseph's Fund Raising

We have come to the end of the Global fund raising. So, please provide me with the final amount and families who donated/pledged(Claude and Astrid). Please make sure that their names are on the blog that Benito has been updating for us. I would like the information by September 12,2011 as I will be returning from a business work in Florida. I would like to do the FINAL UPDATE on the SJCS blog.
I would appreciate any ideas you have as to where we go from here with the fund raising. We will have raised/pledged around $51,000.00. The committee in Zanzibar is planning the Phase III of the project. Do the committees in UK and Canada want to continue with the fund raising? I know that it is not possible here in the USA as we are spread out and cannot have any fund raising activities like you can do in Canada and UK.
Once the funds are sent, what kind of updates should the Renovation Committee in Zanzibar provide us so that we can inform those who have contributed to the fund. I think we have a responsibility to explain to them how the funds are use for the Phase III.
How about a reunion in Toronto with the goal of having a dinner/dance like we did in 2005? All proceeds will go to the Restoration of the church????
Any ideas or suggestion will be appreciated.
Tony Antao
3366 North Lake Drive
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53211

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St.Joseph Church Renovation, Zanzibar, Tanzania

I received the following email from Alice Salim who is the treasurer of the Restoration Committee in Zanzibar. As you will note that the Phase I and Phase II is almost done and now they are starting to work on Phase III (the inside of the Church). This is where our funds will be used ($51,085.00).

The Committee is soliciting the help of Joseph Norohona, a well known architecture in Dar-es-Salaam. He is a graduate of our St. Joseph Convent School in Zanzibar and studied in Bombay, India. His children all live in the USA. He has two sisters living in Toronto, Canada. I know him well and I am sure he will do his best to advice the committee in restoring the inside of the church which requires a lot of work.

So please help us with a donation to retore the beautiful church of our youth or future generatons. And God will bless you. Our global fund raising will end on Agust 31, 2011.
Anthony Antao

= = = = = = = = = = =
St. Joseph Cathedral Renovation-Update

August 10, 2011

We have now reached  $51,035.00 (received/pledged)  as follows:

England/Australia          $9,592.00
Canada /Denmark        $23,695.00

USA/Australia                $17,748.00
Total                                 $51,035.00 (*)

(*) Please note that the amount includes  $1,300.00 that was already remitted to the Renovation Committee in Zanzibar.
These funds are kept in three separate accounts in England, Canada and USA.  Once we hear from the Restoration Committee, we will remit these funds to the Restoration Committee who are responsible for the restoration under the leadership of Bishop Shao.

The global fund raising for  St. Joseph Cathedral Church in Zanzibar will end on August 31, 2011. So we are making a special final appeal to help us in  this great cause. If you have already given, please consider a second donation. If you have not given, please consider a donation. 
The first phase of the three phase project is done (front of church and steeples). The second phase of fixing the outside part of the church is in process. The third phase is doing the inside of the church which represents the greatest expense. And with the falling of the ceiling, the cost keeps going up.  The cost for the 3rd phase is estimated to be over $100,000. Let us all help to renovate this beautiful church.

Bishop Shao and the Restoration Committee in Zanzibar  are working hard to raise funds and we can all help in this worthy cause. The church congregation  on the  island have limited resources and are looking for help from us. Please help us by making  a contribution.
The people of France gifted us this beautiful church.  It was the place where our faith grew. Many of us were baptized, confirmed, married and celebrated the lives of our deceased loved ones. It was the place we celebrated our feast days and the centre of so many social and cultural activities where we met, made many friends and fell in love. Let us help renovate this church and  gift it to the next generation.

It is not important how much you give, but that you give something in "thanksgiving " to God for all the blessings he has bestowed on you.
The list of donors is on  the blog shown below. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact the members of my committee in England, Canada and USA.

Anthony Antao

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Letter from Bishop Shao, Bishop of Zanzibar Tanzania
I received this email from Rev. Fr.Alwyn C.S.Sp. As you may or may not know. Fr. Alwyn is a graduate of SJCS and joined the Holy Ghost Order; the same order who who were in charge of the church in the island for many years.

He is in charge of a parish in Belmont, California, and regularly vists Zanzibar as he has a brother,Lenny Furtado, who still lives in Zanzibar. He keeps in close contact with the Bishop and is a close friend of his.

Fr. Al gives talk to high school children and others in trying to raise funds for the Lieberman High School in Zanzibar that is under the supervision of the Bishop. He is also in close contact with all the zanzibaris around the San Francisco area. Visit him and he will give a great time.

Please read the letter from Bishop Shao that was sent to Fr. Alwyn and consider making a donation to help restore Our Church.

The Renovation Committee in Zanzibar is in charge of the restoration of the church and need all our help.Let us help them as much as we can and leave the rest to God.

We cannot do everything; but we can do something. Our work may be incomplete,but it is a beginnning, a step along the way, an opprtunity for God's grace to enter and do the rest. We may never see the end results of restoring the church; but that is the differnce between God and the worker.

Anthony Antao

Sent: Sunday, July 10, 2011 4:19 PM
To: Anthony Antao
Subject: FW: Church Knave.

Dear Anthony,

Passing on to you Bishop Shao's info re the Knave.
You can pass it to others who may be interested.

God bless.
Fr. Al
= = = = = = = =
Date: Sun, 10 Jul 2011 12:07:11 -0700

Subject: Re: Church Knave
Dear Al.

First and foremost, I want to convey my sincere sympathy for the demise of our dear elder sister who passed away a week ago. I just met Margy today after the first mass and passed this sad information to me. Rest assured Al she is in our prayers. May her soul rest in peace -Amen.

Al. I'm just back from Nairobi where we had our regional episcopal conference that lasted two weeks. There was no way I could read my mail due to the poor services we had at our hostel. I'm happy to be at home and handle my mail.

Yes, we had a big fall of our ceiling that is made up of gypsum powder, a big potion fall on the sanctuary, luckily there was no damage of life due to that it was night time. The extend of the damage is big because it will ever continue to the whole ceiling. When we checked as why such a damage, we found that most of the wood used to hold the gypsum is rotten. This applied to the whole, because last three years we had another fall about three meters just in front of the altar. we were lucky to find a person who offered to replace the portion. The situation is indeed serious, if we really want to stop the damage we have to re-do the whole ceiling and not only patches. However, as we struggle to replace the whole, we should as well do it in phases. The first phase therefore will be the sanctuary and then gradually continue with the other sections as funds are available.

We have not been able to get the estmates of the damage, but we hope to bring a specialist to give us the estimates. Rest assured by nest week will be ready to say how much is the damage.

Meanwhile, would you continue to thank Anthony and all the group members for their efforts and support.

Will be out of my office as from Tuesday to Friday, but will ask the priest in-charge to bring experts to evaluate the extend of the damage.

With every blessing Al.

Bishop Shao.

From: al fur
Subject: Church Knave.
Date: Friday, July 8, 2011, 6:52 PM

Dear Bishop Augustine,
I heard that the Church fell into the Sanctuary.
Please let me know what is the extent of the damage.
Anthony Antao is our Co-ordinator re the Collection and would like to have first hand info. He has done a very good job and we are close to the $50,000/- mark.

How bad is the Damage?

God bless
Fr. Al
Al Furtado C.S.Sp.
= = = = = = = = = =
St. Joseph Church Renovation,-Zanzibar,Tanzania- Update

July 9, 2011

Since my last posting, we have received donations from an anonymous ex-zanzibaris in Australia (2nd donation),Washington , D.C, England, Kenya, Vivian de Souza (Michigan) and the Dourado family in Pittsburgh (Bellarmine, Angela and in memory of Teacher Roffin).

We thank them for their kindness and generosity.

As a result, we have met the challenge of the ex-zanzibari from the East coast of the USA who informed us that if we reached $49,500, he would donate $500.00.

Our total received/pledged is as follows:
England/Australia $9,592.00
Canada /Denmark $23,695.00
USA/Australia $17,598.00
Total $50,885.00
We have now raised the bar to $55,000.00. Please help us in this noble cause as there is a great need of funds to help repairs the damage to our beautiful church of our youth. We have two months left (August 31, 2011) to close this fund raising campaign and we are looking for all the help you can give us. If you have already given, please consider a second donation. If you have not given, please consider a donation. Please see the blog below for pictures taken by John De Silva on his recent visit to the island. THE NEED IS GREAT.

The Renovation Committee in Zanzibar is working hard to raise funds and we can all help in this worthy cause. It is not important how much you give, but that you give something in "thanksgiving " to God for all the blessings he has bestowed on us.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact the members of my committee in England, Canada and USA.

Anthony Antao

 $50,000.00     $50,000.00   $50,000.00

Target reached Now with final date of August 31, 2011.
Benny writes
CONGRATULATIONS to our Record Breaker,
the one and only "Tony Antao"
You are certainly blessed for your great achievement
in raising $55,000.00 with the help of your family, friends, relatives & St. Joseph's Convent School pupils plus other folks from Zanzibar and from all over the Globe.
You have spearheaded this project in full force giving unlimited hours of your valuable time & we all are so proud having you as our President/Project Team Leader on this great project.
Congratulations also goes to all your team members who supported you and a 'Million Thanks' to all those who donated towards this great cause.  We are all so proud of you.
P.S. Further funds still to come as promised by some individuals though Tony Antao's target has been met.
Regards to one and all - Benny
= = = = = = = = = = = = =

St. Joseph Church Renovation Fund, Zanzibar



An ex-Zanzibari in the USA has made an additional $500.00 donation to the fund and this brings us to a total of $48,000.00.

The person would like to remain anonymous. We are very thankful for the kindness and generosity.

Yesterday, I received a challenge grant for $500.00 from another ex-Zanzibari from the east coast of the USA.  If we raise $1,500.00 by August 31, 2011, this anonymous donor will donate the last $500,00 to the fund. I have accepted the challenge and so I am asking you to help us to make a donation so that we can meet this challenge.

Please help us by making a donation to help restore our church of our youth.

You can make a donation to any of the committee members in the USA, Canada or England. For more details of this project, please see the blog.
Anthony Antao
= = = = = = = = = = = = =
We are Prophets of a Future Not Our Own
It helps now and then to step back and take a long view. We accomplish in our lifetime only a tiny fraction of the magnificent enterprise that is God's work.

Nothing we do is complete... which is another way of saying that the Kingdom always lies beyond us.

No statement says all that can be said. No prayer fully expresses our faith. No confession brings perfection. No set of goals and objectives includes everything.

This is what we are about. We plant seeds and one day will grow. We water seeds already planted, knowing that they hold future promise. We lay foundations that will need further development. We provide yeast that produces effects beyond our capabilities.

We cannot do everything, and there is a sense of liberation in realizing that. This enables us to do something, and to do it very well. It may be incomplete, but it is a beginning, a step along the way, an opportunity for God's grace to enter and do the rest.

We may never see the end results, but that is the difference between the master builder and the worker. We are workers, not master builders, ministers, not messiahs.

We are prophets of a future not our own. Amen.
Attributed to Archbishop Oscar Romero (Archbishop of El Salvador)
= = = = = = = = = = = =LATEST UPDATE of Funds raised
Our goal is to reach $50,000.00
Monday 20th June 2011
Please see message  from
John De Silva Canada which follows this latest update.
With the aid of a generous donation from Bosco Moniz and folks from Australia, we have reached $47,351.00. Donations have been received from families in the USA, Canada, England, Australia,India and Denmark. We are very thankful to all those who have donated.

The "Global" fund raising project began on September 1, 2010 and will close on August 31, 2011. Our goal is to reach $50,000.00. We are short of only $2,649.00.

We are making a special appeal to all of you to help us to reach this goal. It is not how much you give that matters; but that you give something in  "thanksgiving" to God for all that this beautiful church of our youth has helped us to love and grow in our faith.

Please help us by making an additonal contribution so that we can reach this target by August 31, 2011.

We have not heard from the Restoration Committee in Zanzibar as to when we are to remit these funds.As soon as we hear their request, we will remit the funds to the Committee and hopefully we will get progess reports on the work that is being done.

You can send your contribution to Claude Fernandes (Canada), Astrid De Souza (England) or to me in the USA.


Anthony Antao
= = = = = = = = = = = =

Hello Benny: FYI
I just came back from Zanzibar and during my short stay had the opportunity of visiting our Church. I did an extensive tour of the entire church and here are the latest photos and some of my findings.
Phase 1 which is renovations for the statue at the main entrance of St. Joseph has been successfully completed and the funding for this phase was from the Z'baris themselves.
Phase 2 is currently in progress and this is for the outside structure and walls as you can see on the photos the scaffolding. This phase will also be paid by the parishioners.
Phase 3 is scheduled to start soon after phase 1 and involves inside of the church which is in dire need of renovations. The paint and cement on the walls is just falling apart, the top where the choir is located the floor is giving way.
There is a heavy campaign taking place at all Sunday masses which the second collection is for the renovation funds, there is also a large box outside the entrance of the church which states " Funds for Renovation of the Church"

My conclusions: There is a lot that needs to be done for our church. Much of the collected funds and much more will be required for the massive work that needs to be done inside the church. Two weeks ago, the main structure above the alter which hosts the Chandler gave way. Luckily at the time there was no activity taking place.

Let us all pull together and get this major project completed.


P.S. Posting approved by Tony Antao. (John, thanks for the update)

Photos in the Video Clip below kindly provided by John De Silva

Let the Blue Skies always shine over Paradise Zanzibar
= = = = = = = = = = =

With a donation from an ex-zanzibari in Turkey, we have passed the $46,000.00
mark. Please note that this total amount is based on the present exchange rates.

The funds are kept under the control of the three committes in England, Canada
and USA. The exchange rates for British pounds and Canadian dollars fluctuate
daily to the American dollar.

We thank those who have contributed and ask you to spread the "fund raising"
efforts among your relatives and friends.

Anthony Antao

With two donations from a brother and sister in England, we have now reached
We thank all does who have contributed to the restoration of the church.

Please spread the news among your relatives and friends to help us in this fund
raising. It is not how much you gave; but that you give for "it is in giving
that you receive". (St. Francis of Assisi)

= = = = = = = = = = = = =
 Latest Update of funds raised
Released on 3/28/2011

We have raised $44,501.91 as of today. $ 2,392.00 came in from the Family day fund raiser function held on February 20th, in Toronto organized by the Zando Committee. This amount was raised from sale of tickets, raffles and auctioned items. $200.00 came from Bosco Moniz in a bet on the NFL game. Besides donations received in the US and in the UK, additional donations were also received at the function.
The breakdown by Country is as follows:

Canada /Denmark $22,872.00 (97 families)

USA /Australia $14,558.26 (56 families)

England $7,071.65 (18 families)

These funds are held in bank accounts in England, Canada and USA. Each Committee is responsible for controlling funds in their country. The list of donors can be seen in the SJ blog (see below). We continue to express out gratitude to all who have made a donation towards the restoration of the church.

If you have not made a donation, and wish to make one, you may do so. Ask for details at the email shown below.

Alice Salem – Treasurer of the St. Joseph's Cathedral Renovations Committee in Zanzibar, has confirmed that funds collected so far will be used in Phase III of the restoration process. This final phase is estimated to cost anywhere between USD $ 150,000 to $ 200,000.00. It involves plastering all the interior walls and restoring all the paintings, murals and existing designs seen along the border walls. The process will be embarked on, as soon as Phase II is nearing completion.

Phase I comprised of repairs done on the twin Steeples. Phase II (works still in progress) is comprised of sealing all the leaks and cracks in the ceiling caused by rains. The cost of these two phases arrived to about USD $ 60,000.00.

These bills are being paid through funds raised locally in Zanzibar.

These funds will be held by the respective committees until such time when they require to use them for Phase III-when plans will be formalized, approved and work commences.

 Should you have any questions, concerns etc, please contact respective committee members who will be willing to address your concerns.

Anthony Antao

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Canadian Front ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Latest Update of funds raised from
Released on 2/24/2011
Released on 2/28/2011
(Single largest donation of $5,000)

We have just received the single largest donation from a family in Canada.
This brings the total donation/pledged to $40,950.10. We would like to acknowledge the generosity of the family.

The donation does not include the contribution from the Zando Committee which hosted a function on February 20, 2011 in Toronto, Canada.
If you have not yet been able to donate or would like to add to your donation, you can still do so. Please spread the news among your friends and encourage them to help support this great cause to renovate the church in Zanzibar.

We are awaiting for instructions and directions from the Renovation Committee in Zanzibar, Tanzania as to when to remit the funds.
Anthony Antao
3366 North Lake Drive
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53211

= = = = = = = = =
UPDATE - 2/24/2011
With additional donations from friends from Canada, USA and UK, we have received/pledged of  $35,950.10.
Canada/Denmark $14,705.00 (90 families)
USA/Australia $14,333.26 (62 families)
United Kingsom  $6,911.84 ( 18 families)
This amount does not include the donation from the Zando function which was held in Canada last Sunday.

A special request to those who have still not donated or pledged. Please help us in this fund raising effort to restore the church of our youth. Many of you were baptised, confirmed, married or celebrated the funerals of your loved ones at this church.

Thank you again to those who have so generously given to the cause.

Anthony Antao
3366 North Lake Drive
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53211

= = = = = = = = =
Fresh update from Anthony Antao

Monday 14th February 2011
We have passed $32,000 in our fund raising efforts. It is now $32,100.26. This is before the exciting event which will take place next Sunday in Toronto: Zando function which is being organized by folks in Toronto under the leadership of Bosco Muniz

= = = = = = = = = = =
Latest amount raised is $31,700.00
Saturday 12th February 2011
= = = = = = = = = = =
to the restoration of  SJC-ZANZIBAR, TANZANIA - 2010

Summary 2010

I am pleased to announce that for the year ending 2010, we have raised/pledged $31,250.26 from 130 families. The contributions ranged from as high as $2,000.00 to as low as $6.00. The most important thing is that people contributed.

We are very grateful to those who gave because of their love of the St. Joseph Church in Zanzibar which played an important role in our faith. $1,300.00 was already sent directly to the Restoration Committee in Zanzibar from 2 families (one in UK and one in USA).

We will continue with the fund raising during 2011. Anyone interested in making a donation during 2011, please forward the funds to the Chairperson of the three committees in the USA/Canada/UK.


Anthony Antao
414-444-0993 (Telephone)

Bosco Moniz and his committee are already planning a Zando function in Toronto for February 20, 2011. We are so grateful to Bosco Moniz and his committee for planning the function. Please support their efforts . 

# # # # # # # # # # # # # # # #
     Summary of Donations

           USA/Australia                                          Canada/Denmark                         United Kingdom
     $13,883.26 (47 families)                           $13,205.00 (77 families)                   $4,162 (6 families)
 # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # 


USA 001  Olavio Martins and Siblings in memory of Jose Xavier Maria de Almeida
(grandfather) and Ignatius Benito de Almeida (grand uncle); the original
contributors to the building of the Church.
USA 002  Dr. Anita Maitra & Denzil D'Cruz
USA 003  Omyo & Ramona Maitra
USA 004  Omal & Nancy Maitra
USA 005  Antonio & Amita Antao
USA 006  John Antao
USA 007  Edward & Mary Antao
USA 008  Lawrenciana Kovijanic PhD
USA 009  Francis Fernandes
USA 010  Rev. Fr. Alwyn Furtado (California)
USA 011  Michael & Forabell De Souza
USA 012  Bismark & Antonetta de Costa
USA 013  Joey & Agnes Fernandes
USA 014  Gonzago & Virginia De Costa
USA 015  Felipe & Olga D'Cunha
USA 016  Belinda Coutinho
USA 017  Grignion & Mary Pereira in memory of their father(Antonio Silverio) and
                 in honor
of their mother(Eulalia)
USA 018  Thomas & Margaret Meiklejohn (Pereira)
USA 019  Esther Pereira
USA 020  Bruno & Joyce Pereira
USA 021  Dr. Oscar & Cindy De Goa
USA 022  Francisco de Goa
USA 023  Glory Nazareth
USA 024  Keith Dias in memory of their parents (Alban and Gladys Dias)
USA 025  Anonymous in memory of (Alban and Gladys Dias)  
USA 026  Dr. Gregory & Helen Fernandes in memory of their parents
                 (Santana & Anathilda)
and brother (Gaspar)
USA 027  Stephen & Yeademin Fernandes
USA 028  George Fernandes
USA 029  Balbina & Felix Fernandes
USA 030  Joseph & Florida De Souza
USA 031  Dr. Nabil & Dr. Acama Raoof(George)
USA 032  Edna Figueiredo
USA 033  Antoinette Rodrigues and Siblings in honor of their parents (Rock & Anita)
USA 034  Mervyn Fernandes
USA 035  Trevor & Ramona Fernandes
USA 036  Leonard & Cheryl Wiatr
USA 037  John & Mary Lyons
USA 038  Joseph Meinhardt
USA 039  Charles Speed
USA 040  Anonymous in support of Mark May-Marathon Runner in NY, 2010
USA 041  Anonymous in memory of Anthony (Pop) Mendes
USA 042  Anonymous in memory of Jose Machado
USA 043  Anonymous in memory of Francis Miranda
USA 044  Edmund Dos Remedios & family
USA 045  Agnel and Valentina De Silva
USA 046  Anne De Souza
USA 047  Hilda Franco
USA 048  Francesca Almeida
USA 049  Eve (Canada list)  (*)
USA 050  Anonymous
USA 051  Alarico Fernandes in memory of his grandparents - Elias & Maria Fernandes.
USA 052  George Pinto
USA 053  Donation for the Arab Chest (auction)
USA 054  Anonymous Donation - In memory of George Fernandes
USA 055  Anonymous Donation -in memory of Sr. Zita Cardozo
USA 056  Amalia and Brandon Brouillard- In memory of Anne Maitra
                 (Grandmother of Amalia Antao)

USA 057  Francis Paul Uday Antao- In memory of Anne Maitra (Grandmother)
USA 058  Carol Mehra (Diaz)
USA 059  Dr. Tara Prasad Maitra
USA 060  Aloysius and Flavia Fernandes

USA 061  Anonymous in memory of the late Myrtle D'Souza, the sister of
                 Rev. Fr. Alwyn Furtado
USA 062   Linda Nunez-Schrag
USA  063  Vivian de Souza
USA  064  Bellarmine & Angela Dourado - In memory of Teacher Rofine (Dourado)
USA 065  Mrs. Jacqueline Maggiore
(*) = Funds sent to USA but lives in Canada


Names of donors as at December 31, 2010.
CAN 001  Anonymous In memory of Palmira Rodrigues
CAN 002  Anonymous In remembrance of Ms. Elora Lobo
CAN 003  Joseph, Elaine and Cleo Dos Remedios, Joey and Villa Pinto (Vancouver)
                  In memory of parents Joseph Liban, Martha and late brother Desmond Pinto
CAN 004  Claude & Maria Fernandes In memory of parents Elias Anselmo and
                  Maria Inez Fernandes
CAN 005  Eustace & Rosita De Souza (Vancouver)
CAN 006  Joseph (Kapley) & Yvonne Fernandes
CAN 007  Kenneth and Catherine Pereira
CAN 008  Marcus Rodrigues
CAN 009  Maurice and Dora Pereira
CAN 010  Stephen & Emilia Parado
CAN 011  Christine Tamatave (Calgary)
CAN 012  George and Margaret Pereira
CAN 013  Tanzanite 2010 Dance Committee
CAN 014  Joseph & Rita Barretto
CAN 015  Thecla, Domingo & Clinton Barretto
CAN 016  Helen & George Fernandes
CAN 017  Lucy & Pelagio De Souza
CAN 018  Romano & Luiza Pinto
CAN 019  Walter and Lazerine Almeida
CAN 020  Ezekial D'Costa
CAN 021  John & Roulina De Silva
CAN 022  Antido and Rosy Fernandes & Joanita Fernandes and family 
CAN 023  Amy & Stanley Pereira
CAN 024  Anonymous ()
CAN 025  Anthony (TonyLeao) & Audrey Fernandes
CAN 026  Antoinette De Silva (Rudolf)
CAN 027  Arnold & Odette Mendes
CAN 028  Avito Dos Remedios
CAN 029  Avril and Nap Rebello
CAN 030  Boniface & Merlyn Fernandes In remembrance of Brasil Fernandes
CAN 031  Cedric & Millie Abreu
CAN 032  Darryl & Emily Gomes
CAN 033  Donald & Samantha D'Costa
CAN 034  Doreen and Alvaro Mendes
CAN 035  Doris and Oscar De Mello
CAN 036  Ivy & Luis D'Sa
CAN 037  Janet & Paul Balto (Calgary) - Denmark
CAN 038  Joaquim & Sheena De Mello In remembrance of Sons Jason,
                  Elvin & Austin De Mello
CAN 039  Joe & Veronica Noronha Mutaliff
CAN 040  Joseph & Judith Gomes
CAN 041  Luis & Bess Pereira
CAN 042  Margaret & Robert Gobin (Calgary)
CAN 043  Nelson Rodrigues
CAN 044  Osbert Remedious
CAN 045  Santana & Anne De Silva
CAN 046  Satira and Joe Vaz In memory of Joseph Coelho
CAN 047  Vasco & Blossom De Souza
CAN 048  V. N. Carvalho (Vancouver)
CAN 049  Alvaro & Rufina Fernandes
CAN 050  Clinton & Bernadine D'Souza
CAN 051  Dominic Lobo C (Calgary)
CAN 052  Jessie (neeVaz) and Jason Colaco
CAN 053  John & Adel Fernandes
CAN 054  Margaret Fernandes
CAN 055  Margaret Mascarenhas
CAN 056  Martin Dias (Calgary)
CAN 057  Sebestian & Aurita Pinto
CAN 058  Antoinetta Fernandes anz
CAN 059  Steve& Suzie Pereira@Tanzanite D
CAN 060  Su Chao Chiu
CAN 061  Joseph Mascarenhas
CAN 062  Paulo Dourado (Calgary)
CAN 063  Angela and Auggie Pereira
CAN 064  Lira & Julius D'Mello (Calgary)
CAN 065  Nora & Charles Goeldner (Calgary)
CAN 066  Huby De Souza (Calgary)
CAN 067  Alson & Dolla Almeida
CAN 068  Ariosto & Coleta De Souza
CAN 069  Georgina and Joseph Noronha (Calgary)
CAN 070  Jacquiline Martins and family
CAN 071  James Herida
CAN 072  Thelma & Steve D'Souza
CAN 073  Unknown @ Tanzanite Dance
CAN 074  Edward & Violet Fernandes
CAN 075  Patrick Rosario
CAN 076  Wilma & Conrad De Souza
CAN 077  Anton Pereira and family
CAN 078  Rev. Fr. Fronton Goudinho 
CAN 079  Celsa Abreu and family
CAN 080  Cedric, Mille Abreu and family
CAN 081  Alban and Lira Mascarenhas
CAN 082  Auggie and Angela Pereira
CAN 083  Julinda and Mario Vas
CAN 084  Felix and Lourdes De Sousa (Cal)

Wananchi Wa Kenya 2011 funds
Banked in US$ account

AUS 001  Francis & Mildred Miranda
AUS 002  John & Alzira De Souza
AUS 003  Adolf de Souza
AUS 004  Ignatius & Diana Pereira
AUS 005  In memory of Lucy and Frank Machado
AUS 006  In memory of Braz and & Anne de Souza 

Regret late start for donations from folks in the UK due to delay in opening special SJC Fund Raising bank account which is now in place.

UK Folks - Please click on the link below


UK 001  Mr & Mrs D' Souza
UK 002  Mr & Mrs Coutinho 
UK 003  Mrs. Viola O'Conner
UK 004  Shakespeare Head
UK 005  Annonymous
UK 006  Tony De Nazareth
UK 007  Clara Faria
UK 008  Void
UK 009  Sundry
UK 010  Griselda & Bill Currie
UK 011  Genny & Joe De Lord
UK 012  Loretta & Peter Wood

UK 013  Hazel & Bosco Cardozo (*)
UK 014  Herbert & Jenifer Fernandes
UK 015  C Veeren
UK 016  In Memory of Palladius and Marcillia Lobo
UK 017  Shirley and Tony De Lord
UK 018  Mario Machado and Thelma Machado-Afonso
UK 019  Alexander and Annabella Fernandes
UK 020  Ossie Pereira
UK 021  Merlyn Fraser
UK 022  Diana and John Hebblethwaite
UK 023  Keith Fraser
UK 024  Dr. Betty Spry
UK 025  Francis de Souza
UK 026  Maureen Mayne
UK 027  Clara de Souza
UK 028   In memory of P Spong
UK 029   Dr Daphne Pereira
UK 030   Raphael D'Souza
UK 031   Clifford D'Souza
UK 032   Mark D'Souza
UK 033   Kevin D'Souza
UK 034   Hycainth Cordeiro
UK 035   Anonymous
UK 036 Raphael D'Souza
UK 037 Lewis & Antoinette de Souza (**)
UK 038 Rodie & Yvonne Rodrigues
UK 039 Tristan D’Souza
UK 040 Jeron D’Souza

UK 041 Colin Bocarro
UK 042 Liz &Romell Coutinho
UK 043 Pat Rees

UK 044 Benito & Betty De Souza


(**) Funds collected in the UK but live in Kenya
<>(*) Funds collected in the UK but live in the USA</><></><></><></><></>

UK Folks - Please click on the link below
Please excuse errors and omissions. Corrections and additions welcome.
Donations still accepted.


Once again sincerely thanking each donor for their gracious contribution.

Anthony Antao
414-444-0993 (Telephone)

1 comment:

People’s Awarness and Legal Aid Movement -PALAM said...

K.Senthil Kumar, Cell: 0-9842607609
People’s Awarness and Legal Aid Movement -PALAM
23-1, Periyanayakipuram, Thiruthuraipoondi- 614713,
Thiruvarur district


Respected sir/ Madam,

Sub : Requisition for Used Computers, CPU, UPS for conducting free computer training and workshops for the people affected in flood in Cuddalore and Nagappattinam Districts in Tamilnadu-INDIA -reg

We the People Awareness and Legal Aid Movement –PALAM, organization and we would like to inform you that we are involving various social activities around Tamilnadu and we have registered our organization under Indian Trust Act and we are servicing various national disaster related works. We have effectively worked for the relief work on 2004 Tsunami and NISA (flood in Tamilnadu) on 2008. We have done various flood related relief work with the support of various organizations. We also received an award from DRO (District Revenue Officer) for our work in Tsunami.

Now, for the past one month in Tamilnadu, the districts like Chennai, Thiruvallur, Kanchipuram, Cuddalore, Nagappattinam and Thiruvarur were highly affected by North east monsoon rains. In this unfavourable situation, many people lost their basic lives and their conditions are unimaginable. They lost their houses, cloths, rice, certificates and electric goods. Many people are starving for food and water. Now the people are staying in the government camps and schools.

Many people lost their jobs for daily needs. Many high secondary school students are struggling to study especially computer science due to the loss of computers in schools.
Now we are planning to provide some computer training and workshops to school students and unemployed youngsters. This programme will be included the graduated widows and unemployed physically challenged people. The programme plan is also include the tailoring training and this certificate free programme will provide opportunities to the affected people who are all affected in the flood in above said districts.

Therefore, kindly provide and send us some used Computers, CPU, UPS and Tailoring machines.and any materials, equipment If you are providing these devices, it will be very great for us to service to the people affected in Tamilnadu. We have attached our organization profiles and appreciation letter from government authorities with this e-mail. The PALAM organization is already involved in doing service to the people but we need some help from your organization to support our service.
Thanking you.

K.Senthil Kuma