Letter from the Bishop

Dear Rev. Bishop Shao:

Wishing you a belated " Merry Christmas" and a "Happy New Year,2011.

As you know, we have been "fund raising" for the restoration of the St. Joseph Cathedral in Zanzibar. I was asked to head the project worldwide and we started in September, 2010. For 2010 we have raised around $31,000.00. Although I head the project, we established 3 committees; one each in the USA, Canada and England. Claude Fernandes is heading the committee in Canada; Joseph de Lord is heading the committee in England and I am heading the committee in the USA. Funds collected in each country are kept in a bank account in the country where the donations are made. 
Our plan is to remit the funds in increments of less than $10,000.00 to the Restoration Committee in Zanzibar through the bank accounts as directed by the Restoration Committee in Zanzibar. $1300.00 have already been remitted directly by 2 donors (one from UK and one from the USA). We will begin this process in January, 2011. Please ask the Restoration Committee in Zanzibar to acknowledge the funds as they are received. We would appreciate it if you will keep us informed on the progress that is being made to restore the church. This will be very helpful as the donors would like to know how the restoration is progressing.

Our plan is to continue the fund raising for the Church during 2011 year. We thank you and the Restoration Committee for all your efforts in restoring this beautiful Church. If you have any questions or recommendations please email me or members of the Committees.

Anthony Antao
414-444-0993 (Telephone)

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20th December 2010

Great Christmas & New Year's Greetings to all with good news from
Anthony Antao.

With the help of a "generous" donation from a faithful Zanzibari from Toronto, Canada, we have passed the $30,000.00 mark.

We have raised/pledged $30,645.26 from folks and friends from Canada, UK,USA, Denmark and Australia. We are very thankful to all those who have given generously to restore the St. Joseph Church in Zanzibar.

It is not how much you give that matters; but that you give in "thanksgiving" for what this Church means to our lives.

2010 is coming to a close in a few weeks and please consider a gift to St. Joseph to help restore the Church- his name sake.

This fund raising must go on, the cause will endure, our hope to restore the church will still live. Our dream to help restore St. Joseph Church will never die. Please help us in our dream.
Anthony Antao

3366 North Lake Drive
Milwaukee, Wis 53211
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Sunday 20th February 2011

Zando Fundraiser Dance for St. Joseph's Church Zanzibar

Hi All

The date is set for Sunday 20th February, 2011which falls on the long weekend for both Ontario and I believe the States.

The plan is to have a mass at noon followed by five different bitings with tea, coffee and soft drinks. We will have a cash bar too. Late lunch ( 5 dishes ) will be served at 2.30 - 3.00 pm followed by dessert coffee and tea.

Our band in attendance playing for FREE are
"The Cream Crackers"

All this for $25 and for a good cause.

The idea is to raise awareness and thank all those who have donated and are still doing so.

Throughout the event Arnold will present various videos of Zanzibar and the Church and how it is progressing.

We intend to have raffles, games, prizes etc. A committee to be formed together with the current one includes Claude, Steve Padro, Arnold and Bosco.

We strive for the same cause to restore our beloved Church, Tuko Pamoja.

The idea is to raise awareness and thank all those that have donated and are still doing so.

We will be soliciting for prizes, old carvings, Zanzibar and African curios that are collecting dust in peoples basement but might mean a lot to others and cash donations, our GOAL is to get as much as possible.

Thank you and God Bless you all.
Bosco Moniz


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WHAT'S NEW - 11th December 2010

We have reached $28,400.00 (USA/Canada/UK) as of to-day and would like to thank all the faithful who have supported us in this fund raising. It would be nice to reach $30,000.00 before the end of 2010.

Please help us by making a donation to this worthy cause for 2010.Your donation is an appreciation of all this beautiful church of our youth has done for you who grew up in Zanzibar or had relatives and friends in the island of Paradise.

The St. Joseph Convent School would not have existed if the French Missionary priests had not build this Church and invited the Nuns to open the school.

Do not say what this church can do for you; but what you can you do to save and preserve this beautiful building for future generations.

Yes! We can

Anthony Antao

3366 North Lake Drive
Milwaukee, Wis 53211
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What's New - 4th December 2010

We have reached the $27,700.00 mark and would like to thank all the folks who have contributed/pledged to this great cause of restoring the Church of our youth. Two families have sent their contributions directly to the Restoration Committee in Zanzibar and this amount is included in the total.

We are still seeking donations. Please help us reach the $30,000.00 for the year 2010.We are still asking those folks who are thinking or have not given to help us in this good cause.

Bishop Augustine Shao of Zanzibar and the Restoration Committee in Zanzibar are very thankful of our interest in helping them to restore this beautiful Church back to its glory.

Think of Christmas and give from your heart.

Yes We Can !

Anthony Antao

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What's New - Sunday 28th November 2010
We have reached the $27,000.00.
I wish we could reach $30,000.00 before Christmas.
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What's New - 21st November 2010
St. Joseph Church Restoration - Update # 5


As of November 21, 2010, we have received/pledged $25,380.26 from Zanzibaris and friends in the USA, Canada, England, Australia and Denmark.

Funds received by each of the Committee's are as follows:

USA/Australia------------------- $11,713.26 ------------- 31 families

Canada/Denmark---------------  $10,505.00  ------------ 62 families

England--------------------------  $3,162.00--------------- 5 families

We thank all those who have contributed/pledged to help restore our beautiful church in Zanzibar where our faith was nourished and supported. This church was the place where we worshipped, were baptized, confirmed, married and celebrated the death of our loved ones. Let us restore the Church for those who still use it as a Beacon of Hope.

The Bishop and the Restoration Committee in Zanzibar are busy supervising the restoration and "fund raising" activities in Zanzibar and Dar-es-Salaam. Phase II and III requires a lot of financial support
(See Update # 4).

The Committee in England started late due to conflicts in vacation plans and other matters. A very dedicated group of members have been assembled. They have met and are busy planning fund raising activities and will soon be raising funds.

Christmas is around the corner. We have a few weeks left of 2010. So please consider a donation to the restoration of our church in Zanzibar. Spread the "good news" among your friends and relatives to join us in this worthy cause and God bless each and every one of you.

"For it is in Giving that we Receive" St. Francis of Assisi

Anthony Antao


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St. Joseph Church Renovation - Update # 4
As of November 8, 2010, we have collected/pledged $22,400.00 from Zanzibaris and friends living in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia and Denmark.

We are very grateful for the donations and take this opportunity to thank all the donors for their generosity and kindness. We will sum up the donations at the end of November 30, 2010, and each committee will wire the funds to the Restoration Committee in Zanzibar.

The names of all the donors will be listed on this forum in December/January 2011.Please help us by continuing to donate for the restoration of the St. Joseph Church in Zanzibar, Tanzania.

The members of the Restoration Committee are Fr. Evaristus Mushi (C), Charles Lubega (VC), Anthony Gomes (Sec), James Makale (Ast.Sec), Alice Salem  (Treas), Richard Batista, Anthony Madeira, Raymond Martins, Ignatius Moniz, Raphael Mabagala, Enerst Kinangala, Laurian Kipeja, S.R Vincent, Fr. Manfred Mjengwa, and Martin Philipo.


Restoration Committee in Zanzibar (RC)

This committee was formed in October 2007. Since then, every Sunday the committee has a 2nd collection for the Renovation Fund. They have also received donations from well wishers from within the island, Dar- es-Salaam and from abroad.The restoration work is to be done in three phases.

When the committee started Phase I, they were short of funds, but as the work progressed, donations and the Sunday contributions flowed in as a result the RC managed to raise enough funds to pay off the restoration of both the steeples and the front of the Church (the statures of St. Joseph and the two angels) with a few shillings left.As Phase II is about to be tackled. Quotation received for this phase is approximately $20,000.00. It includes a 10% for contingencies. The RC is now planning on some new fundraising drives both in Zanzibar and Dar-es- Salaam.
Planned in Zanzibar is a fund raising dinner to be held early next year. The  Parish Priest (the RC Chairperson) has suggested that the each committee member distribute preaddressed envelopes within the Diocese of Zanzibar, requesting each Catholic's financial assistance for the renovation. In addition, the Parish priest will be visiting homes of the parishers and personally requesting their contributions. The RC is contemplating on reintroducing the sale of tea, and mandazis after Sunday masses. In Dar es Salaam, a fund raising dinner dance is planned for sometime in the first half of next year.The Parish Priest in Zanzibar has informed the RC that the Bishop is also soliciting for additional funds at his level of protocol. This renovation is a long term project so the committee is depending on ex- Zanzibaris living all over the world for help. Every little bit counts and the committee sincerely appreciate every effort each of you make in raising funds.The 3 phases have been described below so we can understand the scope of the

Phase I - Steeples & Statues
• Refurbished the two steeples and towers, internal and external.
• Included the decorative works on the statues outside at the front of the Church as seen on the   photo to the best craftsmanship available.
• Installed new Decra roof tiles on the steeples.
• Sanded down the iron structures holding the steeples.
• Applied two coats of high quality marine zinc chromate paint ( See pictures
on the website).

Phase I has been completed.

Phase II - External works
• Includes the external decorative works (properly edging damaged and broken corners including filling cracks).
• Wire brushing and power washing the walls to remove fungi.
• Waterproofing previous roof work as an extra protection against leakage.
• Plastering walls in concrete where required.
• Repairing iron hinges on the main doors and windows, replacing window shutters where required.
• Any other external remedial work not yet discovered.
• Due to insufficient funds to complete all of Phase II, the RC may decide to split up Phase II into two stages. It is more important and urgent to complete waterproofing leaking areas before the rains arrive.

Phase III - Internal
• This is the most intricate of all. It is also the most tedious, delicate and expensive task.
• Plastering and repainting all internal walls and the murals.
• Mending of windows and doors.
• Replacing stain glass on broken windows.
• Refurbishing the "Bell" area and repairing the stairway leading to the Steeples.
• Repairing and replacing of some of the benches and kneelers, especially in the Choir area.
• Finding a capable person to repaint all the intricate murals and designs on the wall. This of course, is priceless. God help us here. (See pictures on the Internet)

The ContractorThe same contractor and supervisor has done the renovations for the Dar es Salaam St. Joseph Cathedral and the Bagamoyo Church. The contractor is a registered contractor/builder and has completed many reputable buildings in Tanzania over the past years. The supervisor knows John De Silva, Joseph Noronah, Agnelo Gonsalves and several other Goans, and he works for a reputable company – Webb Uruno. All claims pass through him. He has volunteered his services, but he is reimbursed travel expenses whenever he is asked to come and inspect the work before any payment is made. The works is further checked and inspected by the committee members. Parish priest (Chairperson) is responsible for the project. The RC has a signed contract, with a 10% retention held back for a six month period. A cost sheet for all the accounts is constantly updated by the RC.

The Committee pointed out to the contractor that it is entirely his (the contractor's) responsibility to cover costs of any damages. This is because the RC has no insurance coverage and if they pushed for it, the costs would be extra. The extra costs translates into soliciting extra donations. So the RC has excluded this clause in the contract and is continuously praying for God's "insurance" .If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the members of the three

committees in the USA, Canada and UK.

Yes, We Can with your help. Please help us with your generosity.

Anthony Antao

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