St. Joseph's Cathedral - UK Team

Dear Folks in the United Kingdom and Europe

The UK Group finally got started on the 10th day of the 10th month of the year 2010 (10-10-2010)

and immediately collected £2010 in cash and pledges which came from two team members.

Your team representing United Kingdom and Europe comprises of the following:-

Astrid De Souza, Joe De Lord, Francis De Souza, Mario Machado and Benito De Souza.

A special bank account will now be set up for St. Joseph's Church Renovation project UK where your donations can be sent.

We sincerely welcome individuals or small groups in the UK to assist in organising Fund Raising Events - you have the UK Team members support if needed.

For more information and background on St. Joseph's Renovation project, please read Global Team Leader Tony Antao's message below.

Future updates and information on Fund Raising Events organised by the UK Team will follow in due course. 
We look forward to your support.


UK Team

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