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Sunday 6th September 2010
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St. Joseph Cathedral Renovation Committee in the USA

We have formed a Committee in the USA to solicit funds to help in the restoration project of our beautiful Church in Zanzibar, Tanzania. This is similar to the Canadian Committee structure. The members of the Committee are Rev. Fr. Alwyn Furtado (West Coast), Agnel De Silva (East Coast) and myself (Midwest). Anyone interested in serving on this committee to help this great cause is most welcome.

A checking account in the name of St.Joseph Cathedral Renovations has been opened at the Associated Bank in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The Routing number is # 075900575;the account # 2173428612 and the Internal Revenue Service EIN is # 11-3843777. Any donation should be made to the following name and sent to my home address: St. Joseph Cathedral Renovations

The first phase of this fund raising project will end on November 30,2010. All funds received by this date will be remitted to the Restoration Committee in Zanzibar. We ask all those who grew up in the island and friends to help contribute to this great cause.

There are many ways you can contribute. You can do it in your name; as a family together raising the funds(e.g. the Antao family); in memory of a loved one(father, mother, parents, brother, sister, etc).

You also have the opportunity to pledge funds and donate in three installments(September,October and November). Please be generous.

Think of this Church that provided us with so many opportunities to grow and meet our needs. Look at all the blessings it provided you. Many of you or your loved ones were baptized and confirmed in this Church. Many of us made lasting friendships and many of you met and married your spouse in this beautiful church. And those who passed away, the Church helped celebrate their lives at the funerals.

Mr. M. Beranger(Frenchman) designed this Neo-Romanesque style Church; similar to the Chuch of Notre Dame de la Garde in Marseilles, France. It is indeed a Landmark.

If you know anyone who lives in the USA, please provde us with the names so that we can contact them to support this great cause or spread the word to them.

Friends outside the Americas, you can send your contribution to the USA, Canada or England. A committee is in the process of being formed in England and we will inform you as soon as we have it established.

We encourage you to read this blog.
 It covers a lot of details and photographs of repairs currently taking place on the church building. If you have any questions/concerns, please email them to me or one of the Committee members in the USA, Canada and UK. We will respond as quickly as possible.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Anthonio Antao

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Friday 4th September 2010
Follow up and postings from Anthony Antao

Posting by Mervyn Lobo


I have been requested to announce that the following person pledges to support the renovation project. Interestingly enough, she is the only one from her family who has not worshipped at St. Joseph's, Zanzibar.

Elora Dawn Lobo

Amount pledged: CAD$1,000 (one thousand dollars.)
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Anthony writes.

Wow!!!! I am in tears. The good Lord works in strange ways.
Thank you Elora.NB: Are you related to Meryn's mother (Altina)? Teacher Altina taught me andI am always thankful for it.
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Anthony Antao writes.

Please let us move on with the fund raising. We have good internal controls established in this project with people who are taking leading roles (both in Zanzibar, UK, Canada and USA). We cannot please everyone. There will be folks who will have negative things to say. But we cannot please everyone. We are doing this fund raising for a good cause. If you believe in this cause, please help us. But if you have doubts or misgivings, please do not participate. But please think before you put anything on the web site that will hurt the fund raising. If anyone has questions, please ask the committee members who are leading the fund raising in your respective countries. And we will gladly answer your concerns.
Our fund raising project is a way to thank God for the blessings we received in many ways through the church and the school. For many of us, the church was the centre of all our activities. It brought us all together. The church helped us in many ways e.g. faith, baptism, holy communion, confirmation, weddings, funerals, boy scouts, friendships , etc. It gave us the moral and ethical character. Our success to-day is many ways tied to the church, the school and our parents.

Let us try to save this beautiful church which is a historical landmark in Zanzibar . And if we fail, that is alright. For it is better to have tried and failed, then not trying at all. Let us give back something that helped us. After all, our purpose in life is to" serve" and "help" others. And if someone cheats, let God be their judge and not us. And when you give, it is not how much that matters; but that you gave in gratitude.
Latest Photos posted 2nd September 2010
by Tony Madeira

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